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241 LED Series Rear Access Vapor/Dust Proof Paint Booth Light Fixture

Product Overview

The 241 Series is an ideal lighting fixture for a multitude of areas including Paint Spray Booths, Prep Areas, Inspection Areas, Sanding or Machining Areas, even where Grain or Coal Dust may be a concern. This 4 lamp 4’ fixture is available with T8 LED replacement lamps. This fixture series can be built with low and standard ballast factor ballasts and is available with 5000K LEDs. This series carries multiple listings from UL and ETL for Class I Div. 2 & Class II Div. 2 applications. Must be mounted hinge side up. LED Lamps included.


Piano hinged rear access fixture for easy relamping
40% + energy savings compared to F32 T8 lamps
50,000 hours


L: Low Ballast Factor Ballast 50 watts
  (5800 lumens)
S: Standard Ballast Factor Ballast 58 watts
  (6600 lumens)
120 – 277 Volt

More Information

UL / Class Listings

  • UL 844 Hazardous Location Lighting
  • Class I Division 2
  • Class II Division 2
  • Damp Location

Series: 241 LED

  • 390241-LED

Options: 241 LED - Source

  • L: Low ballast factor
  • S: Standard ballast factor

Options: 241 LED - CCT

  • 5: 5000K

Options: 241 Series

  • 5901: 8 Ft. 3-wire whip

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