New Technology - Why LED?

Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The first new technology in the lighting industry since the mid-1970s – LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology -- was developed decades ago for NASA and the U.S. Space Race for indicator and instrumentation lights. By newer mass production and improvements in the lumen to watt science, this once extremely expensive source has become more desirable in the lighting industry. Why LED? LED technology allows manufacturers to produce lighting products in a smaller footprint, hopefully reducing the size and therefore price of the product. The improved efficacy of the LEDs allows equal to or greater lighting values at far less wattage consumed AND improved CRI (Color Rendering Index) thus creating a better lighting environment for workers with less power consumption.


LDPI introduced several new products during 2014 – all utilizing LED technology. The LE101, LE201, LE151, LE300, LE401, LEINS2 and LE202 were all introduced during 2014 for applications ranging from normal commercial type projects, to paint booths, wet locations as well as Class I & Class II, Division 2 projects. Additional introductions will be forthcoming during 2015 for many of the same applications plus additional applications. Please visit frequently for more updates as to product releases.