Chemical Resistance

Since many of LDPI’s components are made of plastic materials, their resistance against chemical products may be limited or even nil. Consult this list before using aggressive
detergents, disinfectants, or installing the luminaire in chemically hazardous areas (such as car washes, swimming pools, industrial kitchens, industrial laundries, slaughterhouses,
livestock containment facilities, etc...) or in case of doubt, please contact us. For these conditions, appropriate products (like stainless steel latches, etc...) are available.

WARNING: The information in this chart has been supplied to LDPI, Inc. by other sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting light fixtures for appropriate chemical
compatibility. Before permanent installation, test the light fixture with the chemicals and under specific conditions of your application. Variations in chemical behavior/handling due
to factors such as temperature, pressure and concentrations can cause failure even though it passed an initial test.

Chemical Resistance Chart

Page one applies to the 376, 379, and 379i series.
Page two applies to the 384 series.