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261 LED Series Panel Mount Vapor/Dust Proof Paint Booth Fixture

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The 260/261 LED Series is a product designed specifically for Paint Spray Booths. These fixtures can be built with low, standard and high ballast factor ballasts and are available with 4000 and 5000K LEDs. The 260 LED Series allows for both front and rear access using a paint spray cutoff switch when the front door frame is opened. The 261 Series is a rear access only fixture and does not require paint spray cutoff. Must be mounted hinge side up.  LED lamps and 8 Ft. wire whip included. Contact LDPI for availability of 5000K Lamp versions.


20 Gauge steel construction with white power coat
which creates a durable, highly reflective finish.
Rear access only
40% + energy savings compared to F32 T8 fluorescent lamps
50,000 hours


L: Low Ballast Factor Ballast - 50 watts
(5800 lumens)
S: Standard Ballast Factor Ballast - 58 watts
(6600 lumens)
H: high Ballast Factor Ballast - 97 watts
(8400 lumens)
120 - 277 Volt


Normally open magnetic switches are intended to be used to trigger a relay (furnished by others) which disables the paint system. Because of the small capacity of the switch a solid state relay is recommended. It may be desired by others to utilize a separate power supply to segregate the relay (furnished by others) from the lighting power supply. The magnetic switch IS NOT designed to directly control light operation! The magnetic switch is rated for 10 watts resistive at a maximum of 300 VAC.

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Overloading the switch circuits WILL cause failure.
LDPI, Inc. recommends having a certified electrician/engineer review
loads to ensure that overloading of switch does not occur.


UL 844
CSA 22.2 No. 137.0
UL 1598 Wet / Damp, Paint Spray
CSA 22.2 No. 250.0
UL 8750
CSA 22.2 No. 250.13
CI D2 Groups A,B,C,D    T3C 160°C
CII D2 Groups F,G    T3C 160°C
40°C Ambient Rating

Series: 261 LED

  • 390261-LED

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