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379i Series Wet/Damp Fluorescent Light Fixture

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The 379i Series is a perfect fixture for industrial applications desiring a wet/damp fixture or an enclosed high bay fixture. The 379i is a glass fiber reinforced product with injection molded lens options for precise detail and strength. The lenses also have frosted ends, lineal prism sides with frosted or optically clear face. All hardware is stainless steel with tamper resistant latches. The gear tray hinges at both sides with tool-less latches for ease of accessibility and maintenance. Fixtures come standard with plastic latches and zinc plated mounting straps. Ask us about our customized performance reflector option. Lamps not included. LAMPS SOLD SEPARATELY. T8 32W, T5HO 54W 4L and 6L UNV1 with an acrylic lens are standard fixture configurations. UL 1598 listed U.S. and Canada for wet locations.5 lamp: Tested for 270 watts @ 40° C. 6 lamp: Tested for 378 watts @ 25° C. High pressure 1500 PSI tested.


Glass fiber reinforced polyester
5VA flammability rating
Suitable for outdoor and Indoor use
Closed cell polyurethane gasket with no seams
Standard V hook mounting
Standard plastic (acetal copolymer) latches
Standard zinc plated mounting straps
    For use with cable hanging or chain hanging
    (cable and chain supplied by others)


Glass fiber reinforced polyester
Closed Cell Polyurethane gasket with no seams

This product is made from all or some of the following materials: Acetal, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Acrylic and 316 Stainless Steel

Chemical Resistance:


Impact resistant acrylic 91.5% transmission
Optional UV stabilized polycarbonate 87% transmission


Available in 28, 32, 44, and 54 watts in T5, T8, T8HO, T5HO lamps.
Voltages of 120, 277, 347 and 480.


Enhanced Aluminum Reflector
Custom Performance Reflector (Special Request)


UL 1598 Wet / Damp
CSA 22.2 No. 250.0
NSF: Splash zone non-food prep
IP67 (enclosure only)
High pressure tested 1500psi
40°C Ambient Rating

More Information


UL 1598 Wet / Damp
CSA 22.2 No. 250.0
NSF: Splash zone non-food prep
IP67 (enclosure only)
High pressure tested 1500psi
40°C Ambient Rating

Lens (Diffuser)

  • A: Acrylic
  • FA: Frosted Acrylic
  • P: Polycarbonate

Options: 379i Series

  • HB: Enhanced Aluminum Reflector - 3L
  • HB: Enhanced Aluminum Reflector - 4L
  • HB: Enhanced Aluminum Reflector - 5L
  • EM: Emergency Backup Ballast - Fulham Ballasts (Standard)
  • EM: Emergency Backup Ballast - Bodine Ballasts
  • CM: Cable Mount (Cable not included)
  • TR: Tamper Resistant Latches
  • CR: Custom Performance Reflector
  • RZ: Rigid Ceiling Mount (zinc plated)
  • RS: Rigid Ceiling Mount (stainless steel)
  • MS: Mounting Strap (SS) - use w/cable or chain (not included)
  • SL: Stainless Steel Latches
  • 8366 - Ceiling Mount System
  • 8367 - Square Bend U Bolt Ceiling Mount
  • 8368 - U Bolt Ceiling Mount System
  • 8369 - 3 Ft. Rod, Ceiling Mount System

Lamp Type

  • T8HO Linear Fluorescent
  • T8 Linear Fluorescent
  • T5 Linear Fluorescent
  • T5HO Linear Fluorescent
  • Fluorescent


  • 120 V
  • 120-277V
  • 208 V
  • 220 V
  • 240 V
  • 277 V
  • 347 V
  • 347-480V
  • 480V

Lamp Qty

  • 3 Lamp
  • 4 Lamp
  • 5 Lamp
  • 6 Lamp


  • 4 ft

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