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Blast Booth Lens Cover

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Protection From High Pressure Blast Media

Covers available for use on 390260, 390261,400 series, Slim Light, and LE484 series fixtures.
1/16" clear polycarbonate lens
Lens are easily interchangeable
Perfect for rear access fixtures
For front access, lens cover needs to be removed for relamping.


3318 Lens Kit  for 4 lamp fixtures
3316 Lens only - Clear POLYCARB for 4 lamp fixtures 1/8" X 24 3/4" X 60"
7668 Lens Kit for 6 lamp fixtures
7682 Lens only - Clear POLYCARB for 6 lamp fixtures 1/8" X 30 7/8" X 60"

17650 Lens Kit for LE484 series fixtures
17649 Lens Only for LE484 series fixtures

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