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Dock Light Series Loading Dock and Task Lighting

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Dock lighting illuminates truck trailers, allowing workers to load and unload faster with fewer mistakes and reduced risk of accidents. Adjusting the position of the head and the arm allows the light to be aimed at the front or back of the trailer, into corners, or high above stacked boxes. If an errant fork truck strikes the fixture, the dock light simply swings out of the way. Task lighting illuminates work spaces, allowing tasks to be done faster, safer, more comfortably, and with fewer mistakes. Adjusting the position of a task light allows workers to minimize shadows or glare and maximizes the flexibility of their work space. Task lighting should be considered for any work station where precision is required. Modular design means lower maintenance costs and greater flexibility. If a light head is damaged, keep the arm and replace just the head. If a different lamp type is desired, simply plug a new head into the existing arm. Quality materials and insightful design make the LDPI, Inc. dock light the toughest available.
Modular excludes Wet location and Explosion Proof dock lights. These fixtures are hard wired.

UL1598 listed for wet locations. Wet location models are ideal for use outdoors or in wet indoor environments. Available with incandescent or metal halide heads with a 42” arm. Lamp not included.

• Silicone gasket seals out dirt and moisture
• Tempered glass lens & wire lens guard - standard
• Rugged cast aluminum is copper free for
  greater corrosion resistance
• Weather-tight fitting seals out moisture
  around the cord
• Pre-wired weather proof switch
• Zinc plated steel hardware resists corrosion

UL844 listed for hazardous locations
UL1598 listed for wet locations
UL1598A listed for marine/salt water locations

• Shell and cover are corrosion resistant cast, marine grade low copper content aluminum
• 3/4” thick tempered glass lens resists thermal shock and impact damage
• Wire entrance is factory sealed
• Threaded joints between shell and cover permit internal pressure to be dissipated
and provide a cooling path for escaping gases


ETL/cETL Listed to UL
UL844 / CSA-C22.2 No.137 Hazardous Location
   CI D1, Grps C,D
   CI D2, Grps A,B,C,D
   CII D1&2 Grps F,G

1598 Ordinary Locations
1598A Marine Outside Type (Saltwater)
The Exposion Proof LED fixture is ideal for task lighting in hazardous environments, including Class I, Division 1 areas.

More Information

LED Dock Lighting: LED Head

DLP-FLEX: Its compact design minimizes the potential for unintended impact with overhead doors or fork trucks on loading docks. When impact does occur, the flexible arm and hinged bracket allow the fixture to swing easily out of the way.

DLAW-16LED: 16W dock light designed to replace up to 150W incadescent light heads.  Durable, compact design to endure accidental impact.

DLXLED: Explosion-proof LED task light for hazardous and wet locations with spot and flood optic options.

DLA16LED: uses long life LEDs (50,000 hours) and delivers an instant-on, bright, uniform light. Powered by 16W the LED docklite® is much more energy efficient than the standard incandescent head using 150W lamp. it is designed to easily retrofit to installed dock light arms of nearly any brand.


ETL Listed to UL and cUL 1598 Suitable for Wet Locations

16W wet location LED task light that is ideal for use outdoors or in wet indoor environments. The task light head uses long life LEDs (50,000 hours) and delivers an instant-on, bright, uniform light. Supplied with an arm, the DLAW is able to run at 120 or 277 volts, allowing for installation in a multitude of applications.

UL Certifications

  • UL1598A Marine Outside
  • UL1598 Ordinary Location
  • UL844 Hazardous Location

Series: Dock - Modular Head


Series: Dock - LED

  • DLA-16LED

Series: Dock - Modular Arm

  • DL-24-ARM: 24" single strut arm 120V
  • DL-42-ARM-DS: 42" double strut arm 120V (for use with NO fan)
  • DL-42-ARM: 42" single strut arm 120V
  • DL-60-ARM-DS: 60" double strut arm 120V
  • DL-60-ARM: 60" single strut arm 120V

Series: Dock - Wet Damp

  • DLAW-16LED-25-42-120 (42", 16W, 789Lm, 120V)

Series: Dock - Explosion Proof

  • DLXLED-FL (45° Optic)
  • DLXLED-SP (28° Optic)

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