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LCM Dimming Amplifier

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The LCM analog dimming amplifier creates a standardized 0-10V signal for use with LDPI lighting fixtures. This device allows the user to dim LDPI lighting fixtures with their existing industrial PLC using a 0-10V Analog output module. The LCM has a manual toggle switch that can override the PLC program and power lighting fixtures connected to it at 60%.

Product Number: LCM-1A24
Channel: 1
Supply Voltage: 24V
Max. Input Voltage: 24V: 24VDC
Max. Input Current: 24V: 100mA
CTL: 100mA
VSINK: 20mA*
Transfer Function: VSINK = CTL
Max. Operating Temp.: 70°C
Max. Operating Ambient Temp.: 50°C
AWG: 0.08-2.5mm2/28-14AWG (Solid/Stranded)
Wire Strip Length: 5-6mm/0.2-0.24inch
Connection Mechanism: CAGE CLAMP®
Product Weight: 0.06 lbs.
Approvals: UL 8750  CSA 22.2 No. 250.13-12

*Consult factory to determine the number of LDPI fixtures and type that can be connected to a single LCM module.

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Mounts to DIN-35 x 15mm rail  
Terminals accept 0.08-2.5mm2/28-14AWG (Solid/Stranded)
Module is intended for installation inside an enclosure
Module case material PA6.6
Flammability Rating 94 V0
RoHS Compliant

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