Industrial & Hazardous Lighting Manufacturer

Our Company

LDPI began designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing light fixtures in 1981. Since that time we have been recognized as an industry leader in fixtures that meet the physically demanding requirements of industrial environments. For many of our fixtures it is all about the mechanical enclosure that is designed, thoroughly tested and agency-approved to confirm their unique ability to withstand the rigorous environmental conditions they will be exposed to. We specialize in fixtures that illuminate areas that are hazardous in nature, but we are also known for industrial task, inspection, and general purpose fixtures that withstand the test of time while providing the correct amount of light to ensure that workers can clearly see what they are producing and assembling.

Our Mission

To be the #1 USA made fixture manufacturer who specializes in understanding how to
design and manufacture lighting fixtures and control systems for industrial environments.

Our Commitment

We will use top quality materials in our fixtures.
We will only purchase LED components from Tier 1 LED suppliers.
We will ensure that when in operation our fixture operating temperatures will not exceed the maximum junction temperature (Tj) of the LED.
We will continuously strive to create the maximum delivered lumens per watt that is physically possible.
We will warrant our fixtures against defects caused in the manufacturing process.
We will develop and communicate industry leading education through our sales team and website.
We will train our sales, engineering and production staff to be focused on one thing only - Customer Satisfaction.
We will listen to your requirements to design and develop a lighting and controls solution that is centric to your application and environment.
We will strive to list all of our products to North American Safety Standards, Energy Star and DLC where applicable.
We will certify that all of our fixtures are rohs compliant.

From refineries, chemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities, industrial processes, and other lighting applications that require superior illumination plus protection from water, corrosives, temperature extremes, and explosive gases, dusts or fibers, we will provide the best lighting possible.