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LEHS LED Series Hazardous Location Light Fixture

Product Overview

The LEHS is designed and listed for hazardous, marine, and wet locations. This product is ideal for replacing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide(MH) fixtures for increased energy savings and maintenance.


High Lumen output up to 137 Lm/W
Shock and Vibration resistant
Instant on, energy savings replacement for HPS/MH
Thermal Shock and impact resistant lens
5 Year Warranty
3/4" Hubs


Copper Free Aluminum
Powder Coat Gray
All exposed fasteners are stainless steel
Polycarbonate Lens
Light weight compact design
(2 Ft.: 14 lbs., 4 Ft.:19 lbs.)


10Kv surge protector built in - Standard
3’ SJTOW-18/3 Wire Whip - Standard
(Factory Installed)


Product comes standard with:
2 SIDE HUBS, U-Bracket pre-installed
10Kv surge protector built in
3’ SJTOW-18/3 Wire Whip
(Factory installed)

UL Certifications

  • UL1598 Wet/Damp
  • UL1598A Marine Outside
  • UL844 Hazardous Location
  • UL8750 LED Lighting

Classified Locations

  • CI D2 Grps A,B,C,D
  • Simultaneous Presence
  • CII D2 Grps F,G
  • CIII
  • CII D1 Grps E,F,G

More Information

Certifications / Ratings

  • -40°C to 50° Ambient
  • DLC
  • FCC
  • IP66
  • RH Ambient Humidity 5% to 95%
  • T Code: CI D2=T3C


  • 4,000K
  • 5,000K


  • Clear
  • Diffused


  • Pendant
  • Ceiling/Wall/Surface
  • Pole (U-Bolts)
  • Hanging (Chain/Cable)


  • 120-277VAC (50/60Hz)
  • 347-480VAC (50/60Hz)

Optics / Beam

  • 110° Type V

Watts (Part No. Dependent)

  • 40W, 80W

Lumens (Part No. Dependent)

  • 4850-11490Lm


  • 2 Ft.
  • 4 Ft.
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